Welcome to Google Summer of Code

This is the first post of this blog, and as the first post I would like to announce that I was accepted in Google Summer of Code (GsoC) this year. GsoC it's a Google program that occurs during the summer, with the objective to encourage students all over the world, to contribute to free and open-source software. The students choose some organization to contribute to, and submit a proposal to a new project, or to a existent project proposed by the organization. The organization that I submitted a proposal was Fedora, a Red Hat like Linux Distribution, developed by a great community of contributors from around the world. I have been using Linux for a long time, and now it's time to really start contributing with the community, helping to track the quality of the source code, that goes inside each package made available by Fedora.

As a software developer I always had the interest in static analysis, and the benefit that such practice can bring to the cycle of software development. Many tools were developed for this purpose, but a system that permits the developer to easily integrates such analysis in their development cycle, does not exists. A tool that tried accomplish this goal was [Debile](https://wiki.debian.org/Services/Debile), developed in the context of the Debian Distribution. The main problem of Debile is to be a lot coupled to Debian infrastructure, not allowing to run the analysis system in others sources of code. Our proposal, to Google Summer of Code is to build a extensible system, that with a few steps of the developer, can continuously monitors and collect data of static analysis from different sources of code. This idea was initially discussed in the devel mailing lists, by the guys in the [Static Analysis SIG](https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/StaticAnalysis), on Fedora. All the data collected will be stored in a database, and made available to the developers that want to monitor the quality of some source code. This system will be called Kiskadee [1], and already can monitors some Debian mirrors. Now our objective is to monitor the Fedora repositories, and integrates more static analyzers to Kiskadee.

You can read my proposal [here](https://goo.gl/uEB2Qk) to understand better our objective, and follow the development process [here](http://pagure.io/kiskadee)

I will make weekly posts, reporting the status of Kiskadee development. Let's Code :)

[1] the great Kiskadee is a bird that watches its prey (usually bugs) and catch.