GSoC: Report of bug fixes

This post is just a report of some bug fixes, done on the last released version of kiskadee. The version 0.2.3 , is the last release before the development of our API, and we decided to release it now, because some of the issues that we had fixed could disrupt the API development. The list of issues that we have fixed are:

  • #18 : Use the download method, inside kiskadee.util, to download stuff from the Internet.
  • #25 : sqlalchemy crash when more than two plugins are active.
  • #31 : In some analysis, the flawfinder parser gets into a infinite loop.
  • #32 : The temporary directory created by Docker, is not been removed.
  • #33 : Rename the plugin package to fetcher.
  • #35 : Execute runner and monitor as separate processes.
  • #37 : Anitya fails to transform a fedmsg event, on a python dictionary.
  • #38 : The Docker sdk for python cut the analysis results, when the result is too long.

Of these issues, what matters most is the #35 and #38. With the implementation of the issue #35, now the monitor and the runner component, runs in separate processes, allowing a better use of the resources of the OS. Being a process, now the runner component can run each analyzer concurrently, instead of sequentially, what will increase the speed with which kiskadee run the analysis. The issue #38 was a a bug that we found on the Docker sdk for python. When the output of a static analyzer was too long, the Docker sdk was cutting of the analysis result, and we were saving a incomplete analysis on the database. This was causing the #31 bug, because the flawfinder parser was not being able to parse a incomplete analysis.

Now we will start the kiskadee API, that must be released on version 0.3.0. With the API, we will be able to make available all the analysis done by kiskadee in a standard way, allowing other tools to interact with our database.